Frequently asked questions

1. Will I have to pay for the card?

No, everyone is entitled to the card and the card is free.

2. When do I have to show my MedusaCard?

Always show your card BEFORE you want to use it. Show it to the staff before you ask for your bill, otherwise it cannot be scanned into the system and at that moment you cannot take advantage of its benefits.

3. Can I have my card sent to my favorite venue?

Unfortunately, after online registration we only send the card by mail to the address entered on the registration form. This is how we avoid problems with lost cards or delivery to the wrong person.

4. Can I let my friend borrow my card?

The card is non-transferrable. We hope our card will be so popular that even your friend will have his/her own MedusaCard.

5. Can I add to my MedusaCard a bill for the entire party at my table?

If members of your party don’t mind (and if you’ll be paying their bill) – you can. But we have a rule – one bill, one card and MedusaCard can be applied only for private use and up to 20 persons.

6. Do I have to wait the whole year for a higher-level card?

No. If you fulfill the requirement in a shorter amount of time, your card will automatically become silver. You can use it as a silver one until you receive the actual new silver card in the mail.

7. When should I use my MedusaCard?

Every time you visit any one of our venues in Slovakia. We reward each visit therefore you collect points for each purchase.

8. Where can I use a MedusaCard?

In each venue of the MEDUSA company in Slovakia. You can find the detailed list at Where is valid.

9. How is MedusaCard different?

We are the only gastro-group that covers all market segments from the daily-visited self-service restaurants PRESTO, through quality restaurants, bars and nightclubs (PRIMI, RIO, KUBU, TRAFO), all the way to fresh innovative gastro projects. One card, 23 restaurants and hundreds of advantages. And we are still growing!

10. What should I do if I lose my card?

Email us or write to us through a contact form you can find on footer of this website. We will block your card and issue a new one to go with your account.

11. We are a family and we would like one family account and several cards.

Currently, this is not possible. However, we are planning family accounts in the future.

12. Which price on the bill can I pay with my points?

The minimum amount on the bill has to be 5 euros. Once this minimum has been reached, any amount can be paid with points.

13. Can I collect points even if I pay with a gift voucher?

It is possible to collect points for gold gift vouchers (Priority), however, it is not possible to collect points for black gift vouchers (barter).

14.Can I transfer my MedusaCard to other person?

No, you cannot. The MedusaCard is not transferable to other person as is stated also in our terms & conditions exactly in the section Basic principles of MedusaCard.