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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Dear guests, we’d like to welcome you to our loyalty programme MedusaCard (the “Programme). Through MedusaCard, we reward our regular customers for repeated visits at our restaurants in the form of various benefits, which they can exchange for points, discounts and special offers. Let us briefly inform you about the rules of MedusaCard. These general rules of MedusaCard regulate legal relations between the MEDUSA company and the MedusaCard cardholder (the “Cardholder”). The loyalty programme MedusaCard is operated, and the MedusaCard card is issued by MEDUSA Restaurants,s.r.o., registered in the Business Registry of the District Court Bratislava I,file no.  27956/B, dept. Sro, with address at Einsteinova 23, 851 01 Bratislava, Business registration no. 35 849 592, which is owned by MEDUSA, with the intention of providing to selected customers with above-standard services and benefits. MEDUSA operates several restaurants under different brands. You can find the complete list here. Joining the MedusaCard programme is voluntary, the only two conditions being that the customer must be 18 years old and must agree with the General Terms and Conditions of the MedusaCard programme in the filled-out registration form. Membership is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time.

Basic Principles of MedusaCard

After filling out all the required fields (name and surname, email, mobile phone number) of the registration form, you can immediately obtain your basic MedusaCard. Registration of the already registered mobile number or email, will not be accepted. The card can be used just by the person, to which is registered and one person is authorized to have just one MedusaCard (irrespective of membership level). MedusaCard is not transferable to another person.

MedusaCard holder hereby obliges to provide the MEDUSA  company cooperation in the case of suspected unauthorized use of the MedusaCard. The Cardholder has to especially credibly prove their identity in the range of name and surname by submitting identity documents (such as identity card, driver’s license) to the competent employee of the venue to verify the identity of the MedusaCard holder. If the customer is not a holder of this MedusaCard, staff may refuse to accept the MedusaCard. MedusaCard may in this case be detained by the staff of the venue and at the same time be considered as lost or stolen. In the event, that the holder refuses to show an identity document, the venue staff may refuse to accept the presented MedusaCard.

MedusaCard can be applied only for private use and up to 20 persons.

The MedusaCard keeps a record of your charges in restaurants belonging to the MEDUSA chain, therefore always keep it with you. Without the card it is impossible to add your points. Your account contains the sum of all your charges turned into points; you can check your account balance at any time online in your personal account after logging in at www.medusacard.sk.

MedusaCard has three card levels – Basic Card, Silver Card and Gold Card. These levels are represented by adequate colours of your card. After achieving the given limit, you will achieve a higher level and obtain a new card. With each card, you collect points that you can exchange for benefits of your own choice. You have an online access to check the status of your personal account. Occasionally, you will receive special offers for selected MEDUSA restaurants via SMS or email (e-vouchers).

Points can be earned with golden gift vouchers (Priority), while for black gift vouchers (barter) you cannot earn points. You cannot earn points for cigarettes as well. It is not possible to use MedusaCard (collecting points, paying with points, applying a discount) when paying by invoice (total value, pro forma invoice, partial value or when paying the outstanding balance by cash) and/or when hosting an event with a custom-made calculation when the whole venue, or part of it is closed off for your private event.

Basic MedusaCard

You can receive your unlimited Basic Card immediately after registration. With this card, you receive 1 point for each 20 cents of your charges. The card has an automatically activated application MEDUSA LUNCH MENU.

Silver MedusaCard

The Silver status is valid for one year from the date of issue and adds 4x more points, it means for each € 1 of your charges you get 20 points. The requirement for obtaining the Silver Card is to spend € 2000 within 12 consecutive months. The Silver Card is non-transferable and will be sent to your name by mail in the month following the calendar month, in which you reached the silver level. The card has an automatically activated application MEDUSA LUNCH MENU.

Gold MedusaCard

The Gold status is valid for one year from the date of issue and adds 4x more points, it means for each € 1 of your charges you get 20 points. On top of that, you will receive a permanent 10% discount in all MEDUSA restaurants. The requirement for obtaining the Gold Card is to spend € 5000 within 12 consecutive months. The Gold Card is non-transferrable and will be sent to your name by mail in the month following the calendar month, in which you reached the gold level. The card has an automatically activated application MEDUSA LUNCH MENU.

Medusa Lunch Menu

Each MedusaCard card has an activated MEDUSA LUNCH MENU application. Thanks to this application, you can enjoy lunch menus for discount prices.

If you buy lunch in Presto restaurants at least 4 days during one week, with MedusaCard you have a guaranteed lowest lunch menu price of € 3,99 (except for Presto Lake Side Park and Presto Digital Park). You receive this discount price in the following week after you used your MedusaCard in Presto restaurants at least 4 days during previous work week.

BENEFITS for points

You can exchange your points for various benefits in MEDUSA  restaurants. The selection of benefits can vary in individual restaurants. In order to guarantee a smooth application of your benefits, make sure to inform the staff about your benefit choice early, before payment when asking for a bill. You can find the up-to-date list of the fixed and current benefits at Benefits.


Another form of benefit for the collected points is a discount on your bill. The minimum discount on a single order is 5 €, for which 1000 points will be subtracted from your card balance. Further, within the same order you can use your card points in the ratio of 1 cent of additional discount for 2 points each. When you ask for your final bill, give the serving staff your card and inform them that you want to use your points from your card account. After closing and printing of the final bill, this discount can no longer be applied.

Lost card

In case of a loss, we will issue a new card and send it to your address and transfer all your unused points to it. Report a lost card at 0800 777 007 or via email info@medusacard.sk

Adding and subtracting of points and benefits

Medusa Restaurants s. r. o. is entitled to deliberately add points and benefits beyond the stated rules of the programme for marketing and business purposes. Medusa Restaurants s. r. o. is also entitled to subtract such points and benefits beyond the stated rules. Accumulated points will be valid for a period of two calendar years. Points older than 2 calendar years will always expire on 31/03 of the calendar year.

Cancelation of membership

You can cancel your MedusaCard membership at any time, ideally with a written statement delivered to the address of MEDUSA Restaurants, s. r. o. Cancelation of membership deletes all accumulated points. The administrating company (the “Administrator) has a right to cancel your membership if:

– your card hasn’t been used in more than 2 years since the last addition of points

– you consciously entered incorrect information in the application

– you have abused the mechanism of benefits, discounts and benefits that the loyalty programme offers or have acted contrary to the terms & conditions MedusaCard or you have damaged the name of MedusaCard / MEDUSA company or any of restaurants or venues which are part of the Programme.


We will inform you about any changes in the MedusaCard programme on our Internet webpage, or you will be informed about them directly in the restaurant. The administrating company (the “Administrator) has a right to change the terms and conditions or benefits of MedusaCard membership at any time. New terms become valid on the day they are published on www.medusarestaurants.sk.

MEDUSA Restaurants, s. r. o. has the right to end this loyalty programme at any time. None of the provided benefits are claimable in court; discounts and benefits cannot be added and it is impossible to apply them in combination with other discounts, unless stated otherwise.

If you have more questions, please contact us via e-mail at info@medusacard.sk or by phone at 0800 777 007.

These general rules of MedusaCard become valid on 25/05/2018.