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Presto benefit


Presto Benefit

Be rewarded for regular lunches in the self-service restaurants PRESTO.

How does Presto Benefit work?

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All you have to do is eat a specific menu published in a table below 4 days during one week, and the following week you will be entitled to a discount for a soup menu. (one menu per person per day).

If you don’t follow the rules of 4-day periodicity and specific lunch menu in the 2nd week, you will lose your entitlement to a discount in the following week. If you do follow the rule, your entitlement to a discount will be reactivated in the following week and it will be valid as long as you follow the rules of obtaining the Presto benefit. (specific menu and 4-day periodicity).


Venue Condition for a benefit Benefit Price

Presto Digital Park II Menu with soup A-F Soup for free to each menu** 3,99 Eur*
Pizza menu

Presto BBC1 Menu with soup (A-E) Menu with soup (A-D)
Menu without soup (E)
Any whole pizza
Quick meals

Presto BBC5 Menu with soup (A-E) Soup for free to each menu