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You collect points for each purchase and you can spend them without any limits. Only you decide how to use them. You will find out below how exactly to collect and use the points.


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Would you like to collect points for your purchase on your MedusaCard? All you have to do is to show your card before payment when you request your bill. The staff will scan your card and the points will be added to your account.

How do i check my current point balance?

1. Online

You can check your current balance after logging into your account in the upper menu of this page.

2. In a restaurant

a.) before an order
Just inform the staff about your request and, after showing your card, the current balance information will be provided to you.

b.) after paying the bill
You can also check your newly acquired as well as total points directly at the bottom part of your cash register receipt immediately after printing.


How to apply benefits?

Would you like to apply your points toward any of the benefits? You can get benefits for your points before payment when you request your bill. Just inform the staff about which benefit you’d like to get. You can find the list of benefits in the section BENEFITS


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