How to use the points

MedusaCard Business

What business benefits can you draw?

Fixed benefits

First of all, they are fixed benefits for which any Business client can pay by the points earned. The client may use the benefits as a bonus for his employees or as a gift for his business partners.

Advertisement in PRIMI magazine
A popular advertisement in PRIMI magazine, which is used as the MENU in all Primi restaurants. A single edition is available for approx. 8 – 12 months.
Price for 1/1 page in the magazine / 170,000 points ( EUR 1,200 pricelist amount, EUR 850 after the discount).

The Medusa network gift vouchers
A favourite gift for all business partners or employees. The vouchers are valid for any purchase in all Medusa restaurants.
There are EUR 10 and EUR 30 gift vouchers available.

An advantageous package for business clients contains 10 vouchers of EUR 10 value each (EUR 100) / 14,000 points.
The advantageous package for business clients contains 10 vouchers of EUR 30 value each (EUR 300) / 42,000 points.

Benefits custom calculated

As a further benefit it is possible to purchase all gastronomic services in the MEDUSA offer that are custom calculated.
They include business breakfasts, trainings, press-conferences, office catering, business lunch for a closed society, corporate party, evening party, teambuilding etc. This can either be in one of our establishments or as catering on client’s premises.

In case of custom calculation, special, exclusive conditions are prepared for all MedusaCard Business clients (when paying for services with earned points).
Contact us and we will be glad to present a form of custom calculated benefits.

Payment points collcted

The earned MedusaCard Business points can be exchanged for credits that work as fully capable means of cashless payment.

Formula of reward points into credits conversion
500 bodov = 2,5 €

Earned reward points can be converted into credits in manager’s environment in Business account or by sending a request to