Basic benefits

MedusaCard Business


Why MedusaCard Business?

Besides the cashless catering MedusaCard Business brings many other benefits, including the following:

Payment on invoiceallows clients to pay for catering by means of invoice with due date.

Reward points earning works similarly to the “usual” MedusaCardwhen for each payment in our establishments (cashless with MedusaCard or in cash) the points are collected on the Business account just as it is the case with the usual MedusaCard. The client can use those points for future cashless payments or for business vouchers for the clients.

Discountspoints earning for each payment and using them for cashless payment is our basic discount form. If specific conditions are met (e.g. turnover, purchases in specified restaurants at the specified time), the MedusaCard Business will provide even more efficient benefits.

Special services catalogue for points earnedbenefits for Business clients will be different from the usual advantages of MedusaCard. They will be custom tailored for the corporate clients needs. This will cover office catering, event catering, premises rent, business breakfasts for partners, company parties in our establishments etc.

Debit optionfor a long-term creditworthy clients possibility of “debit” when earned points are already spent

How to collect points