Medusa Services

Canteen catering

We are able to provide catering in your company for a several thousands of people daily.

Our long-year experience, know-how, background, equipment and professionalism allow us to take care of culinary needs of our large corporate clients who need to provide thousands of employees with quality meals every day.

We are able to co-create and project canteens from the beginning of the construction of your centre or factory to obtain a flawless operation of all processes. We are also able to cover specific catering needs for multiple shifts during the day or a 24/7 operation.


Our long-term satisfied clients include, for example, Volkswagen Slovakia a.s., where we provide food for more than 10,000 employees daily in their Bratislava and Martin factories, 7 days a week for 3 day and night shifts.

We take care of catering also for Amazon in Sereď.