Talent Management

Grow with us

At Medusa, it has proven that the best candidates for some vacancies are our colleagues. And that is why we, as one of a few culinary companies in Slovakia devote to the development of our colleagues.

Talent management
We look for a hidden talent in our people! We try to develop our colleagues and provide them with all means to grow into capable and responsible managers. Many of our colleagues are a proof that our company can not only appreciate employees who deserve it, but also escalate them in their carriers higher. That is why for occupying vacancies of higher or managerial positions we opt for our own employees firstly.  
Cooperation with schools
Our own “dual” with Farského School As the greatest culinary employer in Slovakia we feel responsible for educating a future generation of people employed in the culinary sector. We have established an exclusive cooperation with middle vocational school educating young talents with who we further cooperate. The school management concept has proven to be very positive, where we are able to directly impact development of talented students, who are able to establish themselves even as young people with a guarantee of a decent salary.
Medusa Cocktail Competition, Someliers competitions
Various internal competitions are held either directly at our facilities or across the entire Medusa. Medusa Cocktail Competition is a great example, where our bar segment colleagues compete among themselves each year. The winning team is then awarded an inspiring trip to explore bars and products from all round the world. For example, our colleagues travelled across America or Australia as a winning trip.
Medusa Academy
Who would be able to train our employees better than our long-term colleagues? As we try to maintain high service standards, our team of coaches provides various trainings not only for our facility employees but also for our management. Thanks to the Medusa Academy trainings we know, that every single person arriving to Medusa has gone through the hands of those best one and is equipped with all necessary information to go to the “battlefield”.
External trainings
Besides our internal possibilities we try to provide our employees with a possibility to be trained by experts beyond our company – whether they are expert or incentive trainings.
Internships and motivational trips
The favourite incentive activities in our company include expert internships (for cooks for example) at other restaurants or incentive trips usually along with discovering new or inspiring culinary trends.