How to collect points


How to collect points

Do you have your MedusaCard already? From now on you can collect points and take advantage of its benefits! You acquire points for each visit and consumption at any of the MEDUSA venues.* The more points, the more benefits you can enjoy.


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Would you like the points for your purchase to be added to your MedusaCard? Just show your card before payment when you request your bill. The staff will scan your card and the points will be added to your account.

*points are not added for cigarettes, when paying with an invoice, for black barter vouchers, when paying with MedusaCard points.

Basic MedusaCard

The collection of points works on the principle: 0,2 Eur = 1 point (1 Eur = 5 points)


The collection of points works on the principle: 0,2 Eur = 2 point (1 Eur = 10 points)

Silver MedusaCard

Accelerated point collection works on the principle: 0,2 Eur = 4 points (1 Eur = 20 points)

Gold MedusaCard

Collecting of points uses the same formula as the silver card.